Exit Eden cover Journey hit from the 80s

The second single from "Femmes Fatales" picks up on a tried and tested recipe for success: a unique cover of a world-famous hit.

11. Dec 2023

Exit Eden
Clémentine Delauney
Anna Brunner
Marina La Torraca
Exit Eden

The long-awaited new album from symphonic metal supergroup Exit Eden, fronted by Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis), Anna Brunner (League of Distortion) and Marine La Torraca (Phantom Elite), will be released on 23 January 2024. The band has thus taken 6 years to deliver a follow-up to their debut "Rhapsodies in Black". The three musicians (note: Amanda Somerville recently left the band) focussed on cover versions of world-famous hits on their debut – including "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. This song alone now has 12 million views on YouTube. The new album "Femmes Fatales" does not break with this recipe for success – nevertheless, Clémentine, Anna and Marine also deliver 6 of their own songs on their latest release. These include the first single from "Femmes Fatales": Run! feat. Marko Hietala (ex-Nigtwish).

Tried and tested way for second single

Not so the second single from the new album. The three musicians cover "Separate Ways" by Journey from 1983. "Our version of the Journey classic is a tribute to rock 'n' roll and timeless melodies. We are very excited to retell this musical story with our own voices and share it with you," says the band. And this is what the new song by Exit Eden sounds like:

For comparison: this is what the original Hit from 1983 sounds like.

6 cover songs, 6 own songs

Exit Eden are releasing six cover versions of famous, cross-generational super hits on Femmes Fatales. There are also six original tracks for the fans. Anna Brunner and Hannes Braun (Kissin' Dynamite) are mainly responsible for the songwriting, with the exception of "Dying in my Dreams", which was co-written by Marina La Torraca. The band also worked with Hannes Braun on the recordings, production and mix and their latest work was mastered by Jacob Hansen (Delain, Amaranthe, Volbeat, Destruction and many more).

Tracklist „Femmes Fatales"

1    Femme Fatale           
2    It's a Sin       
3    Run! (feat. Marko Hietala)   
4    Separate Ways         
5    Buried in the Past    
6    Désenchantée           
7    Dying in my Dreams
8    Poison          
9    Alone            
10  Hold Back Your Fear
11  Kayleigh       
12  Elysium        

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Image of Band

Exit Eden

Exit Eden is a symphonic metal supergroup that celebrated great success with their debut album "Rhapsodies in Black" in 2017 with cover versions of world-famous hits – including "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" with more than 12 million views on YouTube.


Clémentine Delauney - Vocals Anna Brunner - Vocals Marina La Torraca - Vocals

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