Nocturna – Of Sorcery and Darkness

With their sophomore album "Of Sorcery And Darkness", Nocturna have created a varied symphonic and power metal album. The powerful vocalists manage to tell a story that runs like a thread through the album. The dark aesthetic suits the record just as well as the band's clearly mature music.

Jennifer Richter


21. Apr 2024

Rehn Stillnight

After the success of their debut album "Daughters Of The Night", released in 2022, which incorporated elements of power metal alongside gothic/symphonic metal, as well as fluidly switching between fast and heavy passages and intense piano-oriented ballads, the power metal combo from Italy, founded in 2021, is now back with their sophomore album "Of Sorcery And Darkness". The emotional inspiration for the lyrics on NOCTURNA's new opus combines wonderfully with the band's harmonious sound concept. Especially the great voices of the two front women Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight come into their own here. As in the beginning, songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Frederico Mondelli (Frozen Crown, Volturian & Be The Wolf) remains the mastermind behind the band's magical songs. The fantastic artwork was created by Rehn Stillnight himself.

Creatures of darkness

The album starts loudly with the opener 'Burn The Witch', perhaps not quite a fitting title for the two front women, who skillfully move in the magical spheres, but Grace, as well as Rehn, show their skills here. The first thing you hear is Grace's voice, which shows with a lot of pressure and emotion what you can expect from this album. Rehn follows her a few moments later with a more classical approach, but with no less melody or power. The massive riffs, as well as the solo after the bridge from Hedon and the driving drums from Deimos make this song feel even more powerful.

Despite the connection that can clearly be felt between the two singers, it's nice to hear Grace and Rehn express their individuality a little more in the follow-up song 'Saphire' without losing any of their connection. Although the track starts with a rather moderate tempo, it quickly changes to hard guitar leads and a blazing bassline. Influences from bands like NIGHTWISH and SAVATAGE can clearly be heard here. A clear sign of the band's passion. One of the fastest songs on the album is 'NOCTIS AVEM', which is characterized by its robust symphonic framework. Intense and creative guitar riffs, as well as high and drawn out screams, as well as the aforementioned speed show even more of NOCTURNA's power metal influence. "CREATURES OF DARKNESS" is melodic and heavy, the powerful and piercing vocals are one of the band's great strengths, alongside the clever songwriting. It's fascinating and almost biblical when you look at the many references in the lyrics and the heavenly voices softly singing 'Lucifer's Demise'.

Through the labyrinth

"Seven Sins", the first single released and already a big hit, is one of the album's most memorable tracks. The thundering bass and the piano, reminiscent of 'Phantom of the Opera', give the whole thing an incredible depth. Once again, the work on the instruments should be emphasized. Rehn knows how to cast a spell over you: with the operatic opening vocals in 'Through The Maze', the melancholy melodies match the slowed tempo. When you close your eyes, you are in a completely different world and time. Of Sorcery And Darkness" concludes with the closer 'Last Day On Earth'. This beautiful ballad reminds us to make the most of every moment with the people close to our hearts. Here we once again hear the great vocals of Grace and Rehn, which are convincing on their own, but sound truly epochal when they sing together. A convincing conclusion to a great album.

Release: April 19, 2024

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