Metalite - Expedition One

Apart from the length, Metalite have done a good job and delivered a great album. The arrangement of the songs makes for a fast-paced listening experience.

Jennifer Richter


8. Jan 2024

Erica Ohlsson
Expedition One, Metalite

The Swedish melodic power metal combo Metalite is back with their fourth longplayer - and it's quite something. Because "Expedition One" is a concept album with 16 songs. The band led by frontwoman Erica Ohlsson has set itself some ambitious goals. The power and passion in Erica's voice alone should be enough to realise this project - she is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists in this genre. It's not symphonic metal, she bellows out her melodies without the falsetto (head voice artificially amplified by chest resonance) that you often hear and brings the band's songs to life.

The concept of the album revolves around the fictional story of life on our planet in the year 2055. Physical and mental illnesses determine our lives. The glass man is no longer a scary story from a sci-fi comic, but a bitter reality. A team of renegade employees from various secret services, the military and scientists embark on a survival expedition to other planets. The mission is clear: to save humanity and create life in a new world.

The beginning of the journey

The opener is also the title track, 'Expedition One' sets the right mood for this album. Bombastic drumming and sharp guitar riffs caress Erica's harmonious yet strong voice.

'Aurora' is a forward driving and very emotional song, it leads deeper into the story. A rather typical Metalite song, but very exciting due to its progressive approach. We get some clever songwriting with 'CtrlAltDel'. The keyboard conveys a cold sci-fi feeling. Songs like 'Cyberdome' and 'Blazing Skies' shine with the versatile and warm voice of Erica and the great drumming of Lea Larsson. 'Disciples Of The Stars' has a lot of energy and in a few places is reminiscent of a song that could have come from Battle Beast.

Shrine of light

'Sanctum Of Light' is a song that is likely to end up on many playlists, as it shows the band's range. Creative riffs and the musical arrangements play cautiously around Erica's voice, expressing a great deal of emotion. It slows down a little in the bridge, only to go into the chorus with full power. A clear recommendation for listening to this work of art. 'Utopia' is the very first purely instrumental number in the band's history. Close your eyes and let the music take effect.

One obvious point of criticism: with 16 tracks, "Expedition One" is a packed album, especially when you consider that none of these songs are intros or outros. The sheer quantity can easily be overwhelming and thus take the focus away from an otherwise solid album.


Apart from the length, Metalite have done a good job and delivered a great album, the arrangement of the songs makes for a fast-paced listening experience. Sound engineer Jacob Hansen, who mixed and mastered the whole thing, certainly played a part in this. I was surprised that the band doesn't have a keyboard player and that all the effects and nuances come from his fingers. He makes a great band sound great.

Release: January 19, 2024


01 - Expedition One
02 - Aurora
03 - CtrIAltDel
04 - Cyberdome
05 - Blazing Skies
06 - Outer Worlds
07 - New Generation
08 - In My Dreams
09 - Disciples of the Stars
10 - Free
11 - Legendary
12 - Paradise
13 - Sanctum of Light
14 - Utopia
15 - Take My Hand
16 - Hurricane

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