Hiraes - Dormant

HIRAES has grown with and through their music, delivering a worthy sophomore album with "Dormant." The record possesses everything it needs: substantial heaviness and melodic depth, guitar proficiency, and impressive, diverse vocals. The death metal year is still young, but HIRAES has already set a high standard for their peers with this masterpiece.

Jennifer Richter


23. Jan 2024

Britta Görtz
Hiraes, Britta Görtz, Dormant

From the ashes of DAWN OF DISEASE emerged a band capable of tearing everything around it down. With their melodic riffs, creative drumming, and the powerful vocals of singer Britta Görtz, HIRAES was born. In 2020, the four instrumentalists from DAWN OF DISEASE joined forces with Britta (ex CRITICAL MASS, ex CRITTER) to create music, ultimately giving rise to HIRAES. Hailing from the Hannover and Osnabrück region, the band is now launching their second full-length album, "Dormant," after three years, and we can look forward to seeing how the band has evolved since their debut album, "Solitary," in 2021.

Britta Görtz, Hiraes


Emerging from the disbanded Dawn of Disease, Melodic Death Metal powerhouse HIRAES embarked on their musical endeavour in 2020. The dynamic quintet melds the collective talents of former Dawn of Disease instrumentalists Lukas Kerk, Oliver Kirchner, Christian Wösten, and Mathias Blässe with the commanding vocals of Britta Görtz (ex-Critical Mess, ex-Cripper) to craft a thrilling new Melodic Death experience.

Britta Görtz - Gesang Lukas Kerk - Gitarre Oliver Kirchner - Gitarre Christian Wösten - Bass Mathias Blässe - Schlagzeug


No time to catch your breath

With the brutal opener "Through The Storm," there's no need to take long to understand where the journey is heading. When Britta's demanding growls blend into the sound of Mathias Blässe's thunderous blast beats, Lukas Kerk and Oliver Kirchner's dual-played lead guitars, and Christian Wösten's pounding bass, it's clear there's no time to catch your breath. The song structure may draw parallels to the north, towards colleagues like ARCH ENEMY. The track 'We Owe No One' follows suit, destined to become a Melodic Death Metal anthem at concerts in the future. It's full of energy and melodic riffs, with creative solos propelling the song forward. Britta's versatile growling and screaming bring it to a powerful conclusion. 'Undercurrent' presents a different side, contrasting the aggression of its predecessor with melancholic clean singing. The tempo is accordingly slowed, but the band skillfully balances melodic death with subtle brutal death elements in the chorus, showcasing Britta's diverse vocal range.

"Dormant" makes its presence known

Apart from the band's musical growth since their debut, the striking artwork on the cover of "Dormant" catches the eye. The resting mountain, illuminated by a beam of light reflecting in the water, suggests that this mountain won't remain "resting" for long. 'Chance To Fail' emerges with drums that know how to take the spotlight, giving a feeling reminiscent of ARCH ENEMY but with the unique power of HIRAES. 'About Lies,' the almost seven-minute-long epic of this work, is filled with melodic sections and intriguing instrumental work, accompanied by the singer's gritty voice, serving as a wonderful transition to the rest of the album. It features a captivating melancholic mystique in the bridge, adding even more depth to the overall composition. 'Come Alive' is a pure instrumental piece, almost leaning towards the black metal genre due to its musical structure, combining deep atmosphere and a rapid blast beat storm. After the calm, the storm arrives. 'Ocean Child' storms in with immense force and aggression; Britta's elongated screams set the perfect mood for headbanging. A crushing riff and an explosive solo underscore the intensity. The title track, 'Dormant,' closes the album, showcasing HIRAES' abilities in this emotional and equally brutal and uplifting song. The chorus, especially, is memorable, concluding with slow piano playing.

HIRAES has grown through their music and delivered a worthy sophomore album with "Dormant." The album has everything it needs: substantial heaviness and melodic depth, guitar proficiency, and impressive, diverse vocals. While the death metal year is still young, HIRAES has already set a high standard for their peers with this work. The band is currently on tour with DYMYTRY, and the album is set to be released on January 26th through Nuclear Blast Records.


01    Through The Storm
02    We Owe No One
03    Undercurrent
04    Chance To Fail
05    About Lies
06    Come Alive
07    Ocean Child
08    Nightflight
09    Red Soil
10    Dormant

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