Within Temptation release anti-war anthem

The Dutch are donating all royalties from the new single "A Fool's Parade" (feat. Alex Yarmak) to Music Saves UA for the duration of the war.

5. Apr 2024

Within Temptation
Sharon den Adel
Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation

Within Temptation release their brand new song "A Fool's Parade", a collaboration with talented Ukrainian producer Alex Yarmak . This song, heralding the long-awaited 'Bleed Out 2024 Tour', shows the band's strong commitment to continuing to address the cruel invasion of Russia and Ukraine's ongoing struggle for survival.

Proceeds go to the Ukraine

Within Temptation are donating all royalties from the song to Music Saves UA for the duration of the war.

"A Fool's Parade" highlights issues such as the condemnation of lies, Russia's hypocrisy in relation to the war against Ukraine and its crimes against humanity. Sharon den Adel, frontwoman of Within Temptation, is currently in Kiev, Ukraine, filming the music video. The music video is being shot by the renowned Ukrainian video director Indy Hait.

By participating in initiatives such as the Ukraine Aid OPS foundation, Within Temptation want to continue to draw attention to the urgent need for European support for the fight in Ukraine.

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