Within Temptation shoot video clip in Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine: Sharon den Adel and band send an impressive signal.

19. Mar 2024

Within Temptation
Sharon den Adel

The new Within Temptation song "A Fool's Parade" will be released on April 5 - an appetizer for the "Bleed Out" tour, which will take the Dutch band to European stages this autumn. And Within Temptation are once again flying the flag - and filming the clip for the new song in Kiev. The music video was shot by renowned Ukrainian video director Indy Hait.

"A Fool's Parade" highlights topics such as the condemnation of lies, Russia's hypocrisy in relation to the war against Ukraine and its crimes against humanity. In an interview with Dark Divas in October 2023, frontwoman Sharon den Adel made it clear that the band had made a conscious decision to take a political stance. "We grew up in a free, democratic world, but this is currently under serious threat, including in Europe. That worries us greatly. If Ukraine loses the war against Russia, it will be another country that no longer has a democracy," she said.

By participating in initiatives such as the Ukraine Aid OPS foundation, Within Temptation wants to continue to draw attention to the urgent need for European support for the struggle in Ukraine.

Impressions of the video shoot

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Big tour in fall 2024

The band has announced a major arena tour of Europe for fall 2024. The tour begins in September with two shows in the Netherlands, which sold out within a few days, and will continue in the major arenas of Europe.

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