The romantic-metal style of Melissa Bonny

What sets Melissa's stage style apart, and how is her everyday look defined? Let's dive into the distinctive fashion of the Ad-Infinitum diva.

29. Mar 2024

Ad Infinitum
Melissa Bonny

On stage: Gothic meets romance

Upon first glance, it's immediately evident how the frontwoman showcases herself on stage. Her style is a fusion of dark elements with playful, sometimes Victorian, accents like lace, tulle, rhinestones, or glitter, bringing the imaginative, mystical, and romantic essence of her music to life through her fashion. Black dominates her wardrobe, with occasional forays into dark blue, red, or purple hues. Leather accents, whether they be belts, corsets, string skirts, or chokers, round off her romantic yet edgy appearance.

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She pairs dresses or skirts with fishnet stockings and opts for over-the-knee boots or lace-up ankle boots with block heels, ensuring her attire supports the high kicks that sometimes feature in her stage performances by offering maximum flexibility. Her dresses and skirts often have high leg slits for the same reason, and on the rare occasions she wears pants, they are either loose and wide or tailored for a skinny fit.

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Black crop tops, varying in style from halter necks and tank tops to corsets, are her staple. Melissa enhances the dramatic flair of her music with her choice of accessories, which might include chokers adorned with chains, studs, or spikes, elaborate headpieces, or even half-masks. Even when forgoing accessories, she doesn't shy away from embellishing her outfits with glitter and rhinestones. Whether it's a jacket, bodysuit, or top, she ensures it sparkles, consistently accentuating the dramatic elements of her music with her distinctive look.

Passionate and dark

The motto also applies to her stage makeup. Smokey eyes, contouring, a blush that flatters her complexion, and subtle red tones on her lips give her a powerful and dark look. She always wears her hair loose and lightly curled. And let's not forget: her predominantly floral tattoos on her upper arms and back, which round off the whole look.

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Everyday-Look: Trendy yet distinctive

In her private life, she's into earth tones like brown, rust brown and red, green, and beige. But of course, black is and remains her favorite. She tailors her look to align with current fashion trends, but always incorporates her preference for metal fashion. Romantic accents also run through her everyday style. You can find her in a summer dress with strappy sandals, an airy blouse, or a straw hat. And her makeup? Absolutely subtle and emphasizing her natural beauty.

The singer also embraces the color white, not only in the form of a light sundress but also through a detailed and equally romantic wedding dress, as showcased in a photograph. Her adventurous spirit in fashion is evident; during a trip to Japan last year, she embraced the local culture by wearing a traditional kimono and adopting a Japanese hairstyle.

Overall, Melissa's style is remarkably versatile, yet it consistently radiates a blend of romance and metal influences.

Get the look: Melissa Bonny

On stage/party:

  • Layers! Black crop tops and shorts under a see-through, string skirt, or mesh dress

  • Black skirt with high leg slits and corset or crop top with lace details

  • Leather accents and glitter or rhinestones in the form of jackets, over-the-knee boots, or belts

  • Chokers, headpieces, or striking body chains

  • Make-Up: Smokey eyes with body glitter, blush, and subtle lip gloss


  • Black pants: leggings, jeans

  • Black top: t-shirt, band merch, or tank top

  • Hoodie, black coat jacket, lace-up boots, or black sneakers

  • Make-Up: Very subtle, "no-makeup" makeup look


  • Brown, rust, green, beige, white tones

  • Cozy blue jeans, tank or crop top, sneakers, plaid jacket

  • Airy summer looks: dresses, blouses, sandals, straw hat

Image of Diva

Melissa Bonny

Melissa Bonny (* January 23, 1993, in Montreux) is a singer and songwriter from Switzerland. She is the frontwoman of Ad Infinitum and The Dark Side of the Moon.





23. Jan 1993


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