Dark Divas 2.0: New Bilingual Website Now Online!

After 3 head-banging years, Dark Divas is expanding our shadow to bring English-speaking metal fans into the darkness.

Florian Dünser


11. Dec 2023

Dark Divas

To mark our 3rd anniversary we’ve launched an entirely revamped Dark Divas website, which has undergone a stylish redesign while also taking the next important step in terms of reach — making our killer content available in English.

"We’ve had so many requests over the years from English speakers and we’re delighted to finally be able to reach metal fans around the world," says Dark Divas editor-in-chief Florian, adding that all new articles and interviews will be available in both German and English. “But international visitors will have to bear with us while existing content is translated step by step.”

Dark Divas now available in English

Dark Divas strives to provide metal fans with the best possible experience on our website, but we have learned a lot over the past three years. "We’ve been able to see what works and what maybe didn’t work so well, and we’ve incorporated that into the new website,” says Florian. "We’re convinced we have succeeded and that the results speak for themselves — but of course our readers will be the judge.” 

Expanding our international reach also means that our Instagram page will be maintained in English in the future, though captions will be published bilingually while we transition. This change will help broaden our adversing appeal and allow us to keep delivering top quality metal content.

Alas, Advertising makes the world go round

The Dark Divas editorial team is comprised of hardworking volunteers but Dark Divas itself – not surprisingly – costs money to run. To help ensure our longterm future, we have decided it’s necessary to generate some advertising revenue. "This is the only way we can continue to maintain our site and the quality of our writing. We hope our readers will understand," explains Florian, adding that the tireless editorial team has been under significant pressure to get the new site up and running. "A big thanks to the Dark Divas team. You’re the best."

We’re excited by what we have accomplished in recent months — from transferring all content from the old website to the new one in painstaking detail, to learning a whole new content management system (Storyblok). But none of us here would have persevered if the core values of Dark Divas had been diluted. 

Feminist Orientation Strengthened

Crucially, our new website does not mean that we are parting with old values. On the contrary, Dark Divas will push our feminist values even harder than before. We are committed to breaking antiquated structures and outdated views in the metal scene. "We are a team of men and women but as the editor-in-chief, I — who am a man — knows that our mission is not yet achieved. But we’re working on it, and believe we should highlight the issues instead of ignoring them”, says Florian.

Dark Divas stands for a colorful, diverse, modern, and open metal scene! We invite you all to continue with us on this journey! 

Would you like to give us feedback on the new website? Write to us at info@dark-divas.com.

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