"Bad Blood" is a remarkable album that impresses not only with its musical brilliance but also with its depth and emotionality. It's a work that undoubtedly solidifies the band's position in the metalcore scene and will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on listeners.

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3. Apr 2024

Jules Mitch

The new album of the Cologne-based metalcore band SETYØURSAILS, founded in 2017, is ready to be unleashed. On April 12, 2024, Bad Blood will be released upon you. Hold onto your good porcelain from grandma in your display cases, it's going to be loud and awesome. The band, consisting of Jules Mitch (vocals), André Alves (guitar), Henrik Kellershohn (drums), and Nicolai Hoch (bass), unleashes a hard-hitting, captivating sound and unleashes emotions.

Jules Mitch, Setyoursails, SETYØURSAILS


SETYØURSAILS is a four-member English-language Metalcore band from Cologne, Germany. It is a Melodic Hardcore band with Jules Mitch serving as the frontwoman and vocalist.

Jules Mitch - vocals André Alves Rodrigues - guitar Nicolai Hoch - bass Henrik Kellershohn - drums

The band plays an intense mix of metalcore, melodic hardcore, and post-hardcore. The lyrics are very personal. Jules Mitch mostly writes about her own inner life, addressing topics such as depression, anxiety, racism, and being different from the mainstream. The quartet has made a name for itself in the metal scene with its raw emotionality and unabashed lyricism, and their latest release once again takes listeners on a sonic journey through the labyrinth of human emotions.

Impressive musical diversity

The long player, which offers a blend of intense melodies, profound lyrics, and impressive musical diversity, is a brilliant sophomore effort that captivates from the first note with its emotional depth and energy. The songs on Bad Blood are characterized by their complexity. Each track is like a chapter in a story that moves through various emotions and moods. From powerful, stirring anthems to delicate, melancholic, gentle songs, the album is a kaleidoscopic portrayal of human experiences and emotions.

Deep and meaningful

A standout feature of the album is SETYØURSAILS' ability to evoke an emotional resonance. The lyrics are profound and meaningful, and Jules Mitch's vocals carry the emotional intensity of each word into the hearts of listeners. One can literally feel the passion and authenticity resonating in every note.
Musically, "Bad Blood" offers a captivating range of sounds. The band effortlessly navigates between powerful guitar riffs, poignant melodies, and pulsating rhythms that tear through everything. Each song is ingeniously arranged and perfectly captures the essence.
Right from its opener, "Bad Blood," SETYØURSAILS charge forward with energy. Together with Zebrahead's lead vocalist, Adrian Estrella, the band delivers a loud and intense start. Other highlights of the album include songs like "Dangerous," which immediately captivates with its powerful guitars and infectious refrains, and "Halo," a track that is both hard-hitting and melodic, scoring with its catchy chorus.

"Bad Blood" is a masterpiece that solidifies SETYØURSAILS' position as one of the most brutal bands in modern metalcore.

"Bad Blood" by SETYØURSAILS is a remarkable album that captivates not only with its musical brilliance but also with its depth and emotional resonance. The lyrics delve deep and strike chords with hearts, as each of us can identify with at least one line from it. It's a work that definitely further solidifies the band's presence in the metalcore scene and undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on listeners. SETYØURSAILS' new album offers artistic sophistication and emotional depth. With a powerful blend of aggression, melody, and self-reflection, the album transcends the boundaries between listening and feeling, delivering an incredible auditory experience. Jules Mitch's raw and emotive vocals, combined with the band's dynamic instrumentation, create an auditory masterpiece that is equally poignant and powerful. "Bad Blood" is a masterpiece that solidifies SETYØURSAILS' position as one of the most formidable bands in modern metalcore.


01. Bad Blood

02. Best Of Me

03. T.F.M.F.

04. Halo

05. Lately

06. Dangerous

07. Bad Company

08. In My Head

09. Heart Attack

10. Eternally

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