Illumishade - Another Side of You

Illumishade have grown up on their second album "Another Side Of You" - but are also interested in presenting their musical skills in different sound concepts. Just like their band name, which fuses light and shadow, good and evil. The album thrives on opposites and contrasts, a courageous work of art with a lot of feeling.

Jennifer Richter


14. Feb 2024

Fabienne Erni

Two names stand out in Illumishade: Fabienne Erni and Jonas Wolf. Both have been active in the Celtic metal band Eluveiti for several years. Illumishade was formed in 2019 as a side project - and in fact grew out of Fabienne's master's thesis. The debut "Eclyptic: Wake of Shadows" followed in 2020. The Swiss band's sound can be classified as modern melodic metal - with a good dose of prog. Four years later, they are now back with their second album "Another Side Of You". The album takes a more modern approach, both lyrically and musically, but still transports fans into the familiar, fascinating world of Illumishade. With "Another Side of You", the band is laying the foundations for a new chapter - a new era, as Fabienne and Jonas said in an interview with Dark Divas.

Entering the void

The album starts with the effective instrumental piece "Enter The Void", the initially rather classical and orchestral sounds change their sound garb in the course of the album to more modern, electronic tones, which also invite you to dream. The first full track on the record follows with "Elegy", the opener starts heavy and melodic, a blaring guitar riff and sonorous drums take the lead here until Fabienne's crystal-clear voice blends wonderfully into the overall picture. The track, which was released in 2022, shows how versatile the band is - a melodic chorus is followed by heavy riffs and a dark atmosphere. The supporting sound elements, which include a theremin, give the track additional depth.

We continue with "Enemy". Here, too, you can recognize Illumishade's quite complex style - many of the band's songs twist and turn in different directions. "Enemy" starts with a heavy guitar lead and rough vocals, followed by a calmer part and a wonderfully sonorous chorus. Jonas' deep-voiced and energetic guitar playing is what makes this song one of the heaviest in the band's catalog. "In The Darkness" is probably the catchy tune of this work of art, it makes use of several elements of power metal. Especially in the bridge and the chorus, you can feel and hear the raging guitars and drums taking the lead here.

Illumishade, Fabienne Erni


Illumishade is a modern metal band from Switzerland. The band was founded in 2019 by Fabienne Erni, who is also the front woman of the folk metal band Eluveitie.

Fabienne Erni - Vocals Jonas Wolf - Guitars Mirjam Skal - Orchestration / Synths Yannick Urbanszik - Bass Marc Friedrich - Drums

The horizon awaits

Another strong song on "Another Side of You" is "Cyclone". Pounding drums, groovy basslines and droning guitars are juxtaposed with melodic and spiritual vocals. About halfway through the track, there is a massive instrumental part that builds and builds. Synth and piano are a great addition here.

What particularly catches the eye is the record's magnificent artwork. Here, too, the contrasts that run through the entire record are clearly noticeable and visible. Opposites that could not exist in harmony without their counterparts.

"Fairytale" is a melancholy and beautiful ballad, the power of the vocals together with the dreamy atmosphere, the choir in the bridge and the great solo (which almost tells a story itself) are convincing. "The Horizon Awaits" leads us into the final spurt of the album, the mix of various spiritual and classical elements showcases Mirjam Skal's skills on the synths particularly well. Her ability to combine these sounds with ease into something so beautiful and tangible. "Riptide", on the other hand, has the biggest headbanging potential on "Another Side of You", a solid and rhythmic foundation and great staccato riffing. The album's closer is something special. On the one hand, Fabienne sings 'Verliebt' in her native Swiss-German, and on the other, Coen Jannsen (Epica) sits at the piano and accompanies her. A surprising but thoroughly successful conclusion.


Illumishade seem more mature on their second album "Another Side Of You" - but also more interested in presenting their musical know-how in different sound concepts. Just like their band name, which merges light with shadow and good with evil. The album thrives on opposites and contrasts, a courageous work of art with lots of emotion.

"Another Side Of You" will be released on February 16, 2024.


1    Enter the Void    
2    ELEGY    
3    ENEMY    
4    In the Darkness    
5    Cloudreader    
6    Here We Are    
7    CYCLONE    
8    Fairytale    
9    The Horizon Awaits    
10   HYMN    
11   TWILY    
12   Riptide    
13   Hummingbird    
14   Verliebt (feat. Coen Janssen)

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