Doro – Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud

In a genre that celebrates strength and resilience as ideals to strive for, Doro stands at the forefront as a symbol. “Conqueress – Forever Proud And Strong” is a tribute to heavy metal and a celebration of their career.

Jennifer Richter


25. Oct 2023

Doro Pesch

Doro Pesch, the undisputed metal queen, will celebrate her 40th anniversary on stages around the world in 2023. We will be served her gift, her brand new studio album “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud”, on October 27th. This album shows once again that the traces of this long time can clearly be heard in the music of the metal icon from Düsseldorf. Who would have thought that the young woman who launched her career on the legendary Warlock album “Burning The Witches” would still be firmly at the top of the heavy music scene 40 years later. Doro has the fighting spirit and endurance that some artists certainly envy. Also worth highlighting is the pioneering role that Doro had and still has, especially for women in heavy metal. Is the music for everyone? Probably not. But that was and never will be their claim.

Duets with greats of the metal scene

The opener “Chidren of the Dawn” is epic as usual. It is a powerful and strong anthem that invites you to sing along and sets the right mood for the album. The track “Fire In The Sky” is one of the faster tracks on the record, crisp riffs and great work on the drums. Doro is considered an extremely likeable artist. It is therefore not surprising that many colleagues enjoy working with her often. Rob Halford, frontman of Judas Pries, sings the Judas Priest classic “Living After Midnight” with Doro. Another cover on this album is Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" - Rob Halford supports here too. It's the stronger cover, even if the musical feel could have been a little more bombastic. The final duet on this record, and perhaps the most surprising, is “Bond Unending” with Broilers frontman Sammy Amara. The interplay between Doro's strong and rusty voice and Sammy's charismatic singing fits perfectly. The direction of the song is a bit more poppy, but that brings a bit of a breath of fresh air into the album.

Forever strong and proud

The dark “I Will Prevail” comes with a catchy riff and a clear message: I will prevail, no matter what! Of course there is also a ballad with a German chorus. “Fels In Der Brandung” uses similar stylistic elements to Doro’s epochal “Forever”. Orchestral background music, clean vocals and a chorus that will stay in your head. Tracks like “All for You”, “Time For Justice” and “Lean Mean Rock Machine” are not a revelation, but they are solid titles that the “old” fans will definitely like. “Rise” is a great and driving metal hit with a catchy chorus, phenomenal riffs and solos. At the end of “Conqueress – Forever Proud And Strong” it gets down to business again: 5 bonus tracks, including the cover version of the Metallica hit “The Four Horsemen”, are waiting to be discovered. “Heart In Pain” and “Horns Up High” show how changeable Doro is, she is vulnerable and at the same time strong and ready to fight.


Doro has shown that she is strong and proud even after 40 years on stage. You can like her music or not - but the fact is: she puts her heart and soul into everything she puts out. The new album will undoubtedly delight their loyal fans. The mass of songs - there are 20 including bonus tracks - almost overwhelms you. In a genre that celebrates strength and resilience as ideals to strive for, Doro stands at the forefront as a symbol. “Conqueress – Forever Proud And Strong” is a tribute to heavy metal and a celebration of their career.


1. Children Of The Dawn 4:06
2. Fire In The Sky 3:26
3. Living After Midnight 3:52
4. All For You 3:55
5. Lean Mean Rock Machine 3:00
6. I Will Prevail 3:54
7. Bond Unending 2:30
8. Time For Justice 3:30
9. Fels in der Brandung 3:41
10. Love Breaks Chains 4:57
11. Drive Me Wild 4:07
12. Rise 3:11
13. Best In Me 4:26
14. Heavenly Creatures 3:56
15. Total Eclipse Of The Heart 4:00
16. Bonus Track: Warlocks And Witches 1:34
17. Bonus Track: Horns Up High 3:41
18. Bonus Track: True Metal Maniacs 3:37
19. Bonus Track: Heart In Pain 4:22
20. Bonus Track: The Four Horsemen 7:11

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