Rage of Light - Opaque

"Opaque" is an impressive EP that solidifies the band's path toward greater recognition. Rage of Light is setting new standards and once again proving their musical excellence. This EP is an impressive taste of what the future holds for this rising band.

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11. Oct 2023

Rage of Light
Martyna Halas

Rage Of Light is a Swiss trance-metal band founded by singer/keyboardist Jonathan Pellet, known for his previous work with Trophallaxy and Dysrider. Jonathan had wanted to create a fusion of trance and melodic death metal for some time, but it took almost a decade for the idea to fully bear fruit. Finally, in 2015, he recruited singer Melissa Bonny and guitarist Noé Schüpbach, and thus, Rage Of Light was born.

In 2021, Melissa decided to part ways with Rage Of Light to focus on other music projects. In the same year, the band recruited Polish singer Martyna Halas, known primarily for her work with Ascend The Hollow and Telergy. Noé Schüpbach also left the band, but a replacement was quickly found in the form of Simon Burri. In 2021, the second album, "Redemption," was released, surprising listeners in every aspect, offering an astonishing listening experience. Now, on October 18, 2023, the EP "Opaque" is set to sweeten the wait for their new album.

Image of Band

Rage of Light

Rage of Light is a Swiss music group. Musically, the band is associated with Trance Metal and Melodic Death Metal. Rage of Light is signed with Napalm Records. It was officially founded in 2015.

Martyna Halas - Gesang Jonathan Pellet - Gesang, Bass, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Schlagzeug Simon Burri - Gitarre


Ein beeindruckendes Werk, das die Grenzen des Genres sprengt

"Opaque," the new EP from Rage of Light, is an impressive work that pushes the boundaries of the genre and takes listeners on a captivating musical journey. The Swiss band has already garnered attention in the past for their unique blend of metal and electronics, and "Opaque" is no exception.

Perfekter Opener

"Upriser" serves as the perfect opener for the EP. With powerful guitar riffs and a strong drumbeat, this song immediately elevates the energy. Martyna Halas's vocals are incredibly versatile, switching between powerful growling and clear singing. The electronic elements give the song a modern touch and demonstrate how skillfully Rage of Light can blend various musical elements together. "Upriser" is an exciting start to the EP, preparing listeners for what's to come.

"Touch And Destroy" is a prime example of the band's ability to evolve and try new things even within the EP. The track is not typical of Rage of Light but still packs a punch. The combination of aggressive metal elements and melodic electronic passages creates a compelling atmosphere. This song showcases the depth and diversity of Rage of Light's music.

Erzeugt eine Atmosphäre von Aggressivität

"The Scent Of Dead Leaves" brings a certain dark and brutal mood to the EP. The musical backdrop creates an atmosphere of aggressiveness, which is then softened by the clean singing. Once again, Martyna Halas's remarkable vocal range fills the song with grandeur and brutality. This track is an explosive moment on the EP, highlighting the band's full range of skills.

Ein atemberaubender und spektakulärer Abschluss

The title track, "Opaque," serves as the EP's breathtaking and spectacular conclusion, showcasing the band at its best. This song is a perfect embodiment of their unique style that combines metal and electronics in a fascinating way. The electronic elements in this track are particularly prominent, giving it a futuristic and experimental feel. Martyna Halas's vocals are outstanding, adding an emotional depth to the song. "Opaque" rounds off the EP impressively, leaving a lasting impression that resonates deeply. If this isn't the best song that Rage of Light has ever produced, it's certainly top-tier.

Must-Have für Fans des Genres

"Opaque" by Rage of Light is an impressive EP that solidifies the band's path toward greater recognition. The blend of metal and electronics, combined with Martyna Halas's exceptional vocal performance, makes this EP a must-have for fans of the genre. It must be said that Martyna was a significant asset for the band, as Rage of Light is setting new standards with her and once again proving their musical excellence. This EP is an impressive taste of what the future holds for this rising band.


01. Upriser
02. Touch And Destroy
03. The Scent Of Dead Leaves
04. Opaque

Martyna Halas – Gesang
Jonathan Pellet – Synthesizer und Gesang
Simon Burri – Gitarre

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