Elysion – Bring Out Your Dead

Elysion is better by nearly all measures today than ever before. You can feel a lot of love, care, and self-identity in all the songs. The overall package is powerful, captivating, and impressive. Anyone who passes by this album is missing out.

Kathrin von Dark Divas


28. Feb 2023

Christianna Hatzimihali

Elysion is a Greek alternative/gothic metal band from Athens, founded in 2006 by guitarist Johnny Zero and the then-vocalist Maxi Nil (now with Jaded Star). Maxi Nil left the band in 2008, and her successor was Christianna Hatzimihali. The debut album, 'Silent Scr3am,' was released in 2009, followed by the 'Killing My Dreams' EP in 2012 and 'Someplace Better' in 2014. Since then, things have been quiet for the Greeks. Now, 9 years later, we get to hold the long-awaited next album, 'Bring Out Your Dead,' in our hands. The full-length album is set to be released on March 17, 2023. It's something I never thought I'd live to see.

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Elysion is a Greek gothic metal band that was founded in Athens in 2006. The debut album "Silent Scr3am" was released on December 18, 2009 by Massacre Records.

Christianna Hatzimihali - Gesang Nikos "NiD" Despotopoulos - Leadgitarre Andreas "AR" Roufagalas - Bass Giannis "Johnny Zero" Giannikos - Rhythmusgitarre, Keyboard Ilias P. "Laitsman" Laitsas - Schlagzeug


It's smashing its way into the hearts of fans.

Those familiar with Elysion's first two albums know that they exuded a more subtle hardness. That's different on 'Bring Out Your Dead.' Right from the opening track, 'Blink Of An Eye,' there's a rush of much harder sounds and tremendous dynamism. However, Elysion has retained their dark gothic metal sound and wonderfully blend it with modern elements. 'Crossing Over,' released as the first single, definitely struck a chord with fans.

It combines the perfect balance of wildness and gentleness.

With 'Far Away' and 'Buried Alive,' things calm down a bit, but they remain just as captivating. These two very strong yet softer songs convey incredible emotions. 'As The Flower Withers' is a typical Elysion song, exuding that unmistakable sound and characteristic energy. 'Raid The Universe' was sent into the fray as the second single. While the track is somewhat more restrained, its chorus is powerful and melodic. It's an intriguing mix. 'This Time' is a real earworm with soft verses and a rhythmic chorus. In the middle, the song picks up again with gritty guitars. 'Brand New Me' is a beautiful rock ballad that gains speed in the middle part, with the guitars transporting you to another world. 'Blue Seasons' is also a typical Elysion song, perfectly combining the wildness and gentleness so present on the album. And once again, the best comes last. My absolute favorite song on the album is the closing track, 'Eternity.' It immediately captured my heart upon first listen. Christianna's voice is on point in this song, offering surprises along the way. It's a piece that stirs emotions, touches hearts, and exudes comfort. Lots of love for this song.

The overall package is cohesive and impressive.

Often, it's challenging for a band to regain its footing after such a long hiatus, but Elysion is, by nearly all measures, better today than ever before, leaving an indelible mark on fans' minds with this album. The full-length release demonstrates a significantly evolved sound compared to their earlier works. There's a palpable sense of love, care, and self-identity in all the songs. I particularly enjoyed the band's venture into harder sounds, beautifully combined with ample dynamism, powerful and captivating melodies, catchy choruses, and industrial as well as symphonic influences. Christianna's voice has always been unique and stands out once again on this album. She excels in the deep and rocky tones but can also delicately hit higher notes. This voice, combined with the distinctive sound, creates a cohesive and impressive overall package. A truly exciting era has begun for Elysion. Anyone who passes by this album is missing out.



01. Blink Of An Eye
02. Crossing Over
03. Far Away
04. Buried Alive
05. As The Flower Withers
06. Raid The Universe
07. This Time
08. Brand New Me
09. Blue Seasons
10. Eternity

VÖ: 17. März 2023

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