🎄 Christmas giveaway: Win signed and unique pieces!

Ready for Christmas: Get a drum head customised by Melissa Bonny, autograph cards, jigsaw puzzles and music under the tree!

12. Dec 2023

Dark Divas

We’re celebrating our new website - and we want to celebrate it with you! One lucky winner will receive this unique Christmas gift.
Here´s what you got to do to take part?

The instructions are pretty simple: Answer the 3 questions below. Here´s a little hinte: The answers can be found on our website.

The closing date for submitting your correct answers is Sunday, 17 December 2023. All participants who have answered all 3 questions correctly will automatically be entered into the prize draw. Each email address is only entitled to one entry.
We keep our fingers crossed for all of you!

What you can win

➤ Customised and signed drumhead by Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum) - absolutely unique!
➤ Signed autograph card by Simone Simons incl. CD The Alchemy Project by Epica
➤ Signed autograph card from Beyond the Black
➤ Flag from Beyond The Black
➤ Signed CD "Chapter III - Downfall" by Ad Infinitum
➤ Signature drumsticks from Beyond the Black
➤ Signed puzzle from Beyond the Black
➤ "Metal, Baby!" shirt from Dark Divas

A big thanks to Melissa Bonny and Ad Infinitum, Beyond the Black and Epica for providing the prizes!

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