Visions Of Atlantis unveil new album "Pirates II - Armada"

With their upcoming album „Pirates II – Armada," they not only continue one of their sagas but also showcase an evolution of their unique style. The first single, „Armada," provides a glimpse into a piratical journey through stormy oceans, accompanied by an elaborate music video.

21. Mar 2024

Visions of Atlantis
Clémentine Delauney

Their new studio album, set to release on July 5th by Napalm Records, promises a continuation of their pirate saga. Clèmentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli lead listeners with their impressive vocals and distinctive presence into a world full of darkness and passion.

A stormy preview

The first single from the album, „Armada", offers insights into the dark atmosphere awaiting fans. Accompanied by an intricately produced music video, this single reveals a darker and edgier side of Visions Of Atlantis.

Background Image


1. To Those Who Choose to Fight
2. The Land of the Free
3. Monsters
4. Tonight I’m Alive
5. Armada
6. The Dead of the Sea
7. Ashes to the Sea
8. Hellfire
9. Collide
10. Magic of the Night
11. Underwater
12. Where the Sky and Ocean Blend

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