Simone Simons drops new single

The Dutch singer and the voice behind Epica celebrates the release of her new track „In Love We Rust“ today, along with the accompanying music video.

6. Jun 2024

Simone Simons

Following her last single „Aeterna,“ she now releases the second song in her solo project „In Love We Rust,“ which offers a darker contrast to its predecessor. She wrote the song in collaboration with Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon). The video, shot in black and white and in a single take, captures the intensity of Simone's performance.

Fans can look forward to a multitude of facets

„The video was shot in just one take to keep it as pure and raw as possible,“ Simons explains. „We decided to keep it in black and white to avoid distracting from the song or the performance.“

„In Love We Rust“ showcases the diversity of Simone's solo project. 

The debut album "Vermillion" will be released on August 23 and promises a mix of symphonic elements, classic metal, and personal ballads. With the new song, Simone provides another taste of this versatile work.

Image of Diva

Simone Simons

Simone Simons is the frontwoman of the symphonic metal band EPICA. In addition to her vocation as a singer, she is also active as a model, beauty blogger and photographer.





17. Jan 1985


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