Lucifer covers soundtrack for Mystic Festival 2024

Swedish band Lucifer, together with Joakim Nilsson from Graveyard, is providing the anthem for the upcoming Mystic Festival in Poland.

29. Apr 2024

Johanna Platow Andersson

Teaming up with Joakim Nilsson, the frontman of the also Swedish band Graveyard, they cover the Polish rock classic „Poszlabym za toba“ by the band Breakout from 1969.

The choice of song is not coincidental. Breakout, led by the Polish rock legend Tadeusz Nalepa, is considered a pioneer of hard rock and thus somewhat the forefather of Polish heavy metal. With their cover version, Lucifer not only pay homage to the song but also to Polish metal history.

Limited edition

For those who want to experience both bands, Lucifer and Graveyard, live, they can do so in June at the Mystic Festival in Gdansk. At the event, the 7-inch single „I Would Follow You Babe“ in gatefold format is available, but there are only 666 copies.

Image of Band


Since their formation in Berlin in 2014, the extremely productive band, led by charismatic singer Johanna Platow Andersson, has released four albums. They have played over 200 shows in Europe, Japan, North and South America.


Johanna Platow Andersson - Vocals Nicke Andersson Platow - Drums Linus Björklund - Guitars Martin Nordin - Guitars Harald Göthblad - Bass

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