Jinjer announce first official DVD/BluRay

"Live in Los Angeles" set for release in May. The gig was recorded on December 22nd in the USA. First taste with "Call Me A Symbol".

7. Mar 2024

Tatiana Shmayluk

December 22, 2022, at The Wiltern in L.A., not only marks a pinnacle in Jinjer's career but also serves as a vivid testament to their musical creation. The recording celebrates 15 years of the band's history and the spirit of a live experience in a time just after the pandemic.

More than just a concert

Besides the impressive performance, "Live in Los Angeles" is a tribute to Jinjer's loyal fanbase and a look into the future of the band. The release highlights the band's development and international success, always defined by their live performances.

"This live album not only symbolizes our journey but also our gratitude to everyone who has supported us. It's a taste of what's to come," the band writes in their press release. "Live in Los Angeles" is a promise for the future.

Image of Band


Jinjer is a progressive metal band from Ukraine. The band was founded in 2009.


Tatiana Shmayluk - Vocals Roman Ibramchalilow - Gitarre Eugene Abdjuchanow - Bass Wlad Ulassewytsch - Drums

A first live taste

"Live in Los Angeles" captures an intense live experience, showcasing Jinjer's energy and talent. An essential piece for fans and a striking proof of the vibrancy of modern metal. And the Ukrainians already deliver the first taste with the live version of "Call Me A Symbol".

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