Illumishade release new single "Cloudreader"

New foretaste of the album "Another Side of You", which will be released on 16 February.

9. Jan 2024

Fabienne Erni
Illumishade, Fabienne Erni

Illumishade from Switzerland have released their new single "Cloudreader", an excerpt from their second album and debut on Napalm Records, "Another Side of You", which will be released on 16 February 2024. The band around frontwoman Fabienne Erni promises a captivating fusion of modern metal and profound lyrics.

A hymn of change

The current release "Cloudreader" follows the recently released song "Here We Are". The single presents itself as an accessible anthem with dynamic drums.

Fabienne Erni: "'Cloudreader' describes our human journey as an incessant tide of decay and renewal from which we can reap a sincere humility. Profoundly healing at its core, this song is a guide to individual peace."

With "Cloudreader", Illumishade continue their artistic journey and offer an exciting insight into the upcoming album "Another Side of You".


1    Enter the Void    
2    ELEGY    
3    ENEMY    
4    In the Darkness    
5    Cloudreader    
6    Here We Are    
7    CYCLONE    
8    Fairytale    
9    The Horizon Awaits    
10   HYMN    
11   TWILY    
12   Riptide    
13   Hummingbird    
14   Verliebt (feat. Coen Janssen)

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