German post-hardcore band Venues release new single "Radiate Me"

Vocalist Robin deals with his mother's cancer in this song.

21. Dec 2023

Daniela "Lela" Gruber

"Radiate Me" is an introspective track exploring the journey of overcoming personal challenges and striving for self-improvement. The song's powerful lyrics depict a battle with inner demons, using vivid imagery like a 'pest plant' to symbolize life's negative influences. "Radiate Me" stands a an anthem for those struggling with their inner selves, emphasizing the beauty of a life beyond personal turmoil.

Song deals with mother's cancer

"Radiate Me" is based on vocalist Robin's difficult personal experiences, as he explains in the press statement. "The last year has been pretty tough for me as my mum was diagnosed with two types of cancer. She immediately took up the fight and underwent chemotherapy, which was very hard for her. I kept driving her to different hospitals, taking care of the household and looking after her as a person. But above all, I saw how she suffered and what the poison of this treatment did to her. The chemotherapy almost killed her. 'Radiate Me' is all that in one song. As it stands now, she's doing well and we all hope it stays that way. Fuck cancer!"

Tourdates 2024

10.02.24 Raptor Festival, Königsbrunn DE
20.04.24 Brickmosch Festival, Twistringen DE
04.05.24 Horror Con, Freiburg DE
29.06.24 Moos & Meadow Festival, Feuchtwangen DE
13.07.24 Free For All Festival, Weener DE
19.07.24 Nexo Nerd Expo, Leipzig DE

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