Future Palace: New single „Uncontrolled“ released

After almost a year, they release their next single "Uncontrolled", delivering a lot of variety packed into one song for their fans.

5. Apr 2024

Future Palace
Maria Lessing

The single is characterized by fast riffs and Marias typical vocals. Future Palace thus continues the development that was already hinted at on their second album "Run" and the last single "Malphas".

„Uncontrolled“ was created from personal experiences

„Uncontrolled“ entstand 2022 quasi zeitgleich mit dem Song „Malphas“, der sich textlich ebenfalls mit einem inneren Kampf auseinandersetzt. Sängerin Maria Lessing schrieb über ihre struggles und Erfahrungen mit ihrer psychischen Gesundheit.

Collab with Pavel Trebukhin once again

For the music video for the new single, which was shot in Riga, Latvia, the band once again worked with Pavel Trebukhin, who has already produced clips for Landmvrks, Imminence and Trivium.

Future Palace

Future Palace

Future Palace ist eine 2018 gegründete deutsche Post-Hardcore/Alternative-Rock-Band aus Berlin.


Maria Lessing - Gesang Manuel Kohlert - Gitarre Johannes Frenzel - Schlagzeug


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