Six years after debut: Exit Eden announce new album

Six cover versions, six original compositions: the metal supergroup's new album is coming in January.

24. Oct 2023

Exit Eden

The recently announced departure of Amanda Somerville from the symphonic metal supergroup Exit Eden came as a surprise - but the timing was probably planned. The remaining three band members Clémentine Delauney from Vision of Atlantis, Anna Brunner from League of Distortion and Marina La Torraca from Phantom Elite are now announcing a new album for early 2024. “Femmes Fatales” is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2024 - and for the first time it will not only contain cover numbers of well-known pop songs, but also your own songs. One of them: the album's first single, “Run!”. The guest musician on the album is none other than ex-Nightwish bassist Marko Hietala.

Celebrated debut album

Exit Eden wants to stay true to their successful recipe of covering metal versions of international hits on the new album. “Femme Fatale” is intended to serve as a symbol of women taking control of their own stories with independence and intelligence and rediscovering pure feminine energy in the world.

With their debut album Rhapsodies in Black (2017), Exit Eden reached number 15 in the German album charts. The accompanying music videos have millions of YouTube views.

The new single “Run!” was written by Anna Brunner and Hannes Braun (Kissin’ Dynamite) and presents just one of the many facets of the new album. The folky vibe harmonizes very well with Hietala's distinctive voice and is ensnared by the singing of the three symphonic metal singers.

Femmes Fatales Tracklist

1    Femme Fatale
2    It’s a Sin
3    Run! (feat. Marko Hietala)
4    Separate Ways
5    Buried in the Past
6    Désenchantée
7    Dying in my Dreams
8    Poison
9    Alone
10  Hold Back Your Fear
11  Kayleigh
12  Elysium        

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