Exclusive premiere: Skarlett Riot release new single "Lullaby"

German premiere on Dark Divas: The British modern metal quartet present "Lullaby", the third single from their new album, which will be released in 2024.

22. Mar 2024

Skarlett Riot
Chloe Skarlett Drinkwater

Up-and-coming British modern metal band Skarlett Riot, led by charismatic frontwoman Chloe Skarlett Drinkwater, are celebrating another milestone on the way to their new album, which is due to be released later this year. "Lullaby" is the name of the new single, which is celebrating its exclusive German premiere on dark-divas.com. It is the third foretaste of the new album. However, the band is still keeping quiet about the name of the new work and the release date.

"Lullaby expresses the emotions we go through at some point in our lives when we experience the loss of a loved one," the band explains. The song is intended to provide comfort - and has brought back very personal memories for the band. "It helped to relive those precious moments through the songwriting," says the band.

Up-and-coming band

Skarlett Riot deliver riff-driven, powerful songs that combine melody and heaviness. Add to that a knack for infectious hooklines, a singer blessed with a powerful voice and a band that not only has plenty of attitude, but also the songs to back it up.

The band has already shared the stage with artists such as Funeral For A Friend, Butcher Babies, Deaf Havana, The Darkness, Wednesday 13, Heaven's Basement, Kamelot, Gus G, Devilskin, Hammerfall, Glamour Of The Kill and Leaves' Eyes.

Image of Band

Skarlett Riot

The British melodic metal band Skarlett Riot was formed in 2010, and has since released three albums.


Chloe "Skarlett" Drinkwater - Sängerin Danny Oglesby - Gitarrist Luke Oglesby - Schlagzeuger Tim Chambers - Bassist


Already released singles from the new album

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