Enemy Inside release acoustic version of „Black and Gold“

Originally featured on the 2021 album „Seven,“ the track has received an acoustic makeover.

13. May 2024

Nastassja Giulia

„Black and Gold“ was already an emotionally charged ballad on „Seven,“ and with the acoustic version, the band aims to dive even deeper. Nastassja Giulia and Evan K. wrote the music and lyrics, with Evan K. also handling the entire production. The band is already working on their next album. Until its release in 2025, fans can shorten the wait with the new version of „Black and Gold.“

New video

The video for the acoustic version further highlights Nastassja's heartfelt performance. Responsible for this are Jonas Sommer (camera & editing), Apollonia Photography, Dave Hadarik, and Ed Torres (photos & artwork).

Image of Diva

Nastassja Giulia

Nastassja Giulia is a German-Italian singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and pianist from Aschaffenburg. She is the lead singer of Enemy Inside.





19. Jan 1993


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