Elvellon are about to release their second album

"Ascending in Synergy" is the name of the German symphonic metal band's new album, which will be released on May 17 - six years after their debut "Until Dawn".

12. Mar 2024

Nele Messerschmidt

Fans of the symphonic metal band Elvellon, led by frontwoman Nele Messerschmidt, have had to be patient. It's been six years since the debut "Until Dawn" saw the light of day. The Germans took their time with their new production - and in the meantime have docked with Napalm Records. On May 17th, the time has come: the second album entitled "Ascending in Synergy" will be presented to the public - and thus the first under the umbrella of the new label.

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Nele Messerschmidt

Nele Messerschmidt (*28. August 1994) is the frontwoman of the German symphonic metal band Elvellon.





28. Aug 1994


A musical treasure: "A Vagabond's Heart"

With the first single release "A Vagabond's Heart", Elvellon gives an insight into what the album has in store. "This song is based on a very old idea that goes back to the early days of Elvellon. We came back to the material during the songwriting for 'Ascending in Synergy' because we knew we had a little treasure there," says the band.

A new chapter

Since their debut, the band has been on a successful journey. From the release of their first album "Until Dawn" in 2018 and the EP "Spellbound" in 2015, to appearances on renowned festival stages worldwide. Their success is underpinned by impressive figures: the official music video for "Born From Hope" has over 1.3 million views on YouTube, and the EP version of the song has achieved more than 2.5 million streams on Spotify.

Elvellon is now about to embark on a new chapter in her musical career.

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Ascending in Synergy

1. Unbound
2. A Vagabond’s Heart
3. My Forever Endeavour
4. Ocean of Treason
5. The Aftermath of Life
6. Last of our Kind
7. Into the Vortex
8. A Legacy Divine
9. The Aeon Tree
10. Epiphany of Mine

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