Eleine: Video release and new single for the track „Suffering“

Although „We Shall Remain“ is almost a year old, Eleine brings the album back into the spotlight with a new video and single.

3. Jun 2024

Madeleine Liljestam

The Swedish band releases a video and single for the song „Suffering“ from their current album „We Shall Remain“ and simultaneously announces their 2024 European tour. Fans can also look forward to an instrumental version of the song, which is available on all major streaming platforms.

„Suffering“: A call against hopelessness

Singer Madeleine and guitarist and singer Rikard Ekberg explain the profound meaning of the song: „Life constantly presents us with new challenges, and sometimes it just keeps pushing us forward, even when we see no reason to continue. (...) Face your fears and choose between a familiar place that destroys you or embark on new shores that can give you new strength.“

„We Shall Remain“ Tour 2024

In addition to the new video and single, Eleine also announces their „We Shall Remain“ European tour 2024. The tour kicks off on September 20 in Stockholm and takes the band through 13 countries, ending on October 15 in Hamburg.

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