Death Dealer Union: This is what the debut album and the new single sound like

“Initiation” and “Ill Fated”: Elena Cataraga aka Lena Scissorhands with new music and new band.

23. Sep 2023

Lena Scissorhands

The US West Coast-based combo Death Dealer Union, which features Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands, has now released their debut entitled “Initiation”. The album was released via Napalm Records.

After the recently released singles “The Vow of Silence” and “The Integument”, the band has now released a third single: “Ill Fated”. The song combines clean '80s guitar sounds with dark metal riffs as Lena showcases her distinctive, soaring vocal performance and introspective lyrics.

“With this video we wanted to showcase something different - from the amazing dance group Cherry Bombs to the actors involved. “We wanted to do something that isn’t usually done in heavy metal videos,” the band said.

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