New Dark Divas series: what are the metal queens wearing?

Fashion Friday #1: Style Check with Epica frontwoman Simone Simons – how the Metal Goddess dresses on stage and in her free time!

Elena von Dark Divas


10. Feb 2023

Simone Simons

What do our Dark Divas wear on stage, what do they value – and how can we be inspired by the styles of metal icons? We want to know exactly – and present the new Dark Divas series: Fashion Friday! At irregular intervals, we will take a closer look at the style of the metal divas. Which look are we analyzing first? Of course, that of the queen herself: Simone Simons.

Simone on stage: dark and classy

Simone, the goddess of the night – at least when it comes to her stage wardrobe. Because the Dutch singer always appears in deep black attire on the Epic Apocalypse Tour. Seductive, form-fitting, and ladylike. Simone manages to combine toughness with elegance, femininity, and sophistication like no other diva. The silhouettes of her outfits are always flowing and smooth. Popular materials in metal – such as leather or vinyl – meet soft fabrics, including chiffon, silk, or tulle, creating an exciting and unique contrast. Her gowns are usually adorned with patterns or other embellishments, providing an additional eye-catcher. If she's not in a long, elegant dress, you might see her on stage, sometimes wearing leather or vinyl leggings and a leather jacket.

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Three elements that are typically found in her stage outfits are:

A black skirt: short, long, or asymmetrical, in various materials

Leather boots: in knee-high or over-the-knee variations, with buckles or studs, often with a small platform sole

Shimmer: in the form of shiny latex, sequins, or glitter

The outlier in her stage outfit repertoire: a white stage dress adorned with rhinestones, giving Simone the appearance of a Nordic goddess.

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Simone's stage style can best be characterized as a mix of "romantic gothic" and "classy edgy" – just like her makeup: dramatic, sometimes colorful or shimmering smokey eyes, precise cat eyeliner, and dark lipstick are a must. Her makeup is striking but always with class and never overdone. That she also demonstrates taste and a trained eye in this aspect is no surprise to many fans: after all, she has worked as a makeup artist for other metal greats, including Anneke van Giersbergen, Floor Jansen, and Elize Ryd.

Simone in private

In her leisure time, the metal icon dresses in an elegant and classic manner. Most of her looks are monochromatic in terms of color and follow a soft, clear line. Similar to her stage presence, Simone combines chic with a touch of rock. Figure-hugging dresses and skirts in warm colors – beige, orange, or white – are paired with a leather skirt, blazer with shoulder pads, black boots, and high heels.

Simone is also often seen in black jeans, solid-colored T-shirts, or cozy sweaters. If she uses accessories, they are very subtly applied. A statement piece that consistently appears in her looks is a black pair of sunglasses. Regarding her makeup, the Epica frontwoman appears less dramatic than on stage. However, cat eyeliner and subtle lipstick are still essential. She wears her naturally red hair openly and voluminously blown-dry – either straight or with gentle waves. Occasionally, she can be seen with a low ponytail.

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On her blog Smoonstyle, Simone regularly publishes blog posts on the topic of fashion. She shares how she styles individual clothing items, why she chose specific pieces, and where fans can buy the clothes – often including direct links to online shops. Makeup and beauty tips, as well as posts about travel and her work with Epica, can also be found on Smoonstyle. A visit is definitely worthwhile.

A quick tip: For those who want to get their hands on pieces from her wardrobe, it's best to follow her Insta Channel, smoonsale. Here, individual items can be purchased from time to time.

Get the look – Simone Simons

The key pieces you need to bring a bit of Simone Simons into your wardrobe are:


➤ Long black dress – optionally adorned with sequins or glitter

➤ Alternatively: Black leather combination of pants and jacket or black leather skirt (pleated or folded) with a slightly transparent blouse underneath

➤ Black (mesh) pantyhose

➤ Black leather boots with a platform

➤ Dark lipstick and smokey eyes


➤ Form-fitting knit dress

➤ Blazer with shoulder pads or a tailored leather jacket

➤ Pumps, heeled Chelsea boots, or other leather ankle boots

➤ Pantyhose

➤ Dark sunglasses

➤ Black eyeliner (for the typical Simone catwing)

➤ Lipstick in light red, pink, or apricot

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