Ad Infinitum releases new song „Outer Space“

After a tour across European festival stages and their album „Chapter III - Downfall“ in 2023, they return with a space-themed single.

25. Apr 2024

Ad Infinitum
Melissa Bonny

They describe the track as a departure from the „ominous darkness“ of their previous works, presenting a brighter, „more liberating“ sound. This new direction is captured in the accompanying music video, promising a visual exploration of this „unexpected universe“.

The „Awaken The World Tour“ with Kamelot

Ad Infinitum will accompany Kamelot on their „Awaken The World Tour 2024“, kicking off in the USA and leading through Europe and the UK in the fall of this year.

Image of Band

Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is an emerging symphonic metal band founded by the talented singer and songwriter Melissa Bonny. With a unique blend of powerful vocals and orchestral elements, they have quickly captured the attention of the metal scene.


Melissa Bonny - Gesang Adrian Theßenvitz - Gitarre Korbinian Benedict - Bass Niklas Müller - Drums

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