Viktorie Surmová

Viktorie Surmová is the singer and founder of the band Surma.

Alternative Metal
Progressive Metal

Viktorie Surmová was born on November 23, 1996 in Prague into a Czech-Ukrainian family. She devoted herself to music as a child. She studied cello for ten years at the music school in Brandýs nad Labem and later in Benátky nad Jizerou. She sang in choirs both at primary and secondary school. After graduating from secondary school, she studied classical singing at the conservatory from 2015 to 2019. She started singing in a metal band at the age of thirteen. She speaks several languages and collaborates with other artists such as Rosa Nocturna, the singer of Blackwish (song "Blinding Sun") by LatexJesus or Bohemian Metal Rhapsody. In 2023, she will be collaborating with the Ostrava-based band Metal Factory. As an actress, she has experience with episodic roles on television (Mystery of Old Bambitka, Firebird, Judge Barbara...).

2012 - She took turns playing the leading role of Cinderella in the opera of the same name by music composer Zdeněk Zahradník. As a cellist, she also took part in the "Martin Beck's Induction" project in Roland Grapow's studio in Slovakia this year.

2014 - Founding of the band Surmata, which belongs to the genre of symphonic metal or metal. The group gave several concerts until 2017, including in Prague at Club Kain, and also performed in Mladá Boleslav.

2016 - She sang with the Czech-Venezuelan metal band Drunk with Pain, which was founded in Brno in 2015 by solo guitarist and singer Juan Hernandez. A music video was also shot in the Brno studio Sonidos.

2016 - Participated in the Vinohrady Theater's mime choir in the play Její Pastorkyňa during the 2016-2017 theater season.

2016 - She sang the English version of the song "Fenyklová panenka" (Fennel bride) for the compilation album "The Spectrum" in collaboration with the Czech musician and guitarist Tonda Buček from Brno.

2018 - Formation of the band Surma together with guitarist and singer Heri Joensen. The band signed a contract with the US label Metal Blade Records.

In 2019 she lived with her partner in the Netherlands for a year. In November 2020, Surma released their debut album "The Light Within".


23. Nov 1996


Ihr Lebenspartner ist Heri Joensen von der Band TÝR von den Färöer-Inseln.


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