Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su Metal

Suzuka Nakamoto, known by her stage name Su-metal, is a Japanese singer renowned as the frontwoman of the kawaii metal band Babymetal. Her unique blend of J-Pop and heavy metal has made her an internationally recognized artist.

Alternative Metal
Power Metal

Born on December 20, 1997, in Hiroshima, Japan, Suzuka Nakamoto began her musical career at a young age. She was a member of various music groups, including Karen Girl's, which contributed theme songs to anime series. Her involvement in these projects laid the foundation for her later career and developed her skills as a performer. In 2010, she became a part of Sakura Gakuin, an idol group whose members attend a fictional school and are active in various musical sub-units.

Rise with Babymetal

During her time in Sakura Gakuin, the sub-unit Babymetal was formed, distinguishing itself by combining J-Pop with heavy metal. Suzuka, as Su-metal, quickly became the face of the group. Babymetal released their debut self-titled album in 2014, which garnered international attention and catapulted the band onto the global stage. With hits like "Gimme Chocolate!!" and "Megitsune," they toured worldwide and performed at major music festivals, including the prestigious Wacken Open Air in Germany.

Continued Success and Influence

Babymetal continued their success with subsequent albums, including "Metal Resistance" (2016) and "Metal Galaxy" (2019), both of which received worldwide acclaim and featured the band on extensive tours around the globe. Suzuka Nakamoto's impressive stage presence and vocal performances have earned her praise from critics and fans alike. Her influence extends beyond music; she has established herself as a significant figure in the metal scene and serves as an inspiration for young artists worldwide.

Su-metal and Babymetal have not only crossed boundaries between different music genres but also broken down cultural barriers, building a global fan base. Their music and performances remain a shining example of innovation and diversity in the music industry.

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