Lena Scissorhands

Elena Cataraga (*November 22, 1986 in Chișinău, Moldova), known by her stage name Lena Scissorhands, is a young and emerging musician who has captured attention with her unique music and unconventional stage presence with her band Infected Rain.

Infected Rain
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Lena attended school in Chișinău and began showing interest in alternative music at the age of 13. Fascinated by heavy riffs and aggressive vocals, she discovered her love for metal at 14.

While working as a makeup artist and completing hairdressing training, she acquired her nickname "Scissorhands". In 2008, she co-founded the band Infected Rain alongside guitarist Vadim "Vidick" Ozhog and Ivan "DJ Kapa" Kristioglo. Although Lena had never received formal vocal training, she began studying with Tatiana Robertovana and later with the renowned Melissa Cross in New York, who had worked with many well-known artists.

Lena's distinctive feature is her guttural vocals (growling, screaming). However, she also practices clean singing. The frequent switching of vocal techniques, often within the same song, is characteristic of Infected Rain's music.

Many of Lena's lyrics reflect her personal fears, disappointments, as well as her unique impressions and experiences. Gradually, she started writing the lyrics for the new tracks herself, giving the band a distinctive style.

In 2022, the band Infected Rain released their fifth studio album, "Ecdysis".

Lena has been living in Las Vegas for many years now and is a devoted vegan. Her YouTube channel "Bananas" has gathered over 17,000 subscribers.

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22. Nov 1986


Moldova, Republic of




As the oldest of three siblings, Lena Scissorhands grew up in poor circumstances. Her mother had to support the family and therefore had little time for the family.



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