Doro Pesch

Doro Pesch (born on June 3, 1964 in Düsseldorf) is a German metal singer and songwriter. She gained international fame as the „Metal Queen" and is considered one of the most prominent female voices in heavy metal.

Heavy Metal

Her career began in the 1980s as the frontwoman of the band Warlock, which achieved great success with albums like "Burning the Witches" and "Triumph and Agony." Doro's charismatic vocals and powerful stage presence helped establish the band in the metal scene. After parting ways with Warlock, Doro embarked on a successful solo career that continues to this day. She has released numerous albums, including "Force Majeure" and "Doro," and collaborated with notable musicians like Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and Udo Dirkschneider of Accept.

Doro is known for her impressive range of vocal styles, from powerful rock to gentle ballads. She sings in both English and German and has a loyal fan base worldwide. Her concerts are known for their energy and strong connection with the audience. Besides her musical career, Doro is involved in social projects and advocates for animal rights and human rights. Her influences and contributions have made her a true legend in the metal scene.


3. Jun 1964






Married to her band, crew and heavy metal. 🖤


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